Isaac Preston

I am a learning professional with 20 years of experience in writing, developing, and delivering training across many different delivery methods.

As any good instructor should, I started in the classroom. Combining that face-to-face training experience with a wide range of creative skills, I quickly transitioned to instructional design and have never looked back. I am passionate about excellence in learning, learner information retention, and making learning experiences interactive and fun.

I continue to create training across many industies, and in every format, from Instructor Led Training to Virtual Reality. I have managed teams of IDs, graphic designers, and developers, and shaped learning products and companies from the ground up.

What I Do

Instructional Design

I design course modules that will keep your learners engaged from beginning to end by enticing them to interact with new information and practice using prior knowledge every step of the way. My commitment to sound instructional design practices, such as micro-learning and gamification, means that they will retain more of what they learn than ever before. The care that I put into my work provides learners with meaningful experiences that they will then apply in the real world.

Instructor Led Training

You lead the class, and I’ll provide the training materials. I develop eLearning exercises that your learners can dig into and meaningfully interact with in order to gain the background knowledge that they need to succeed in your class. I design lab activities that build off of the initial eLearning and allow you to provide scaffolding to help your students reach a higher level of understanding. Regardless of how you deliver your course materials, I design to reach learners wherever they are in their learning journey.

Video Production

I am proficient in video production and editing that will entice your audience. I add transitions and audio to each video to elevate it to the professional level of quality that your viewers expect. My narrations and subtitles clarify your message and will help your audience better understand what you want them to take away from your video.

Graphic Design

If you can imagine it, I can make it happen. I create beautiful images that convey exactly what you mean in a crystal-clear manner. I am particularly good at developing graphics for eLearning and web interfaces, which call for easily visible images that belong together and are easy to understand. Your audience will find them intuitive and understand them right away.